The success and failure of a company always depends upon various parameters that the company have. Apart from these employees play most significant role in development of any company. The more ambitious, adequate, capable employees are, the easier it will be for the company to stand upright in this unstable market. As the market situation is getting tight you have to be more smarter. And now when recruiting is becoming more complex you need to think about any other process or reassess your hiring process.

There are various tips through which you can hire smart candidates:

1. Invest in leadership hires
Considering key leadership , hiring and investing in it during a down market can give your business the competitive edge needed to ensure long term strategic success. First of all find your business areas that need support and focus on that place. You can hire full time, highly performing and strategic employees or you can even hire low cost not so productive employees. You have to decide what type of employees you want to hire. Also, recruiting effective leaders will save money and time on additional hiring by attracting top talents from their networks to join.

2. Hire the best talents of your competitors
Nowadays raising funds is more challenging than a few months ago. Some of your competitors may want to sell their business even at low budget if they have enough cash flow. If your business is stable and has cash, it’s time to make aggressive acquisitions and hires that can strengthen your market position. You should use every opportunity to acquire the best talents for your company.

3. Explore new hiring strategies
You need to change the hiring process advertisements so that candidates get more attracted. Every day thousands of jobs are posted and it’s difficult for candidates to find out the right company for their career. They are afraid of so much spam jobs. In such circumstances you have to find out new strategies for recruitment. You have to first check your existing recruitment strategies and find out effectiveness of that process. If it becomes outdated then you have to explore new ones and implement relevant ones to improve your recruitment process.

4. Go for an employment contract
Every time full time hiring is best for start-up companies. If you want to make long term hires then the best selection process also may not work. It is difficult to hire best employees even with the toughest selection process. So you can go for temporary level hiring. This enables employees and employers test job fitness before considering permanent employment contract. For entry level it’s better to start with a three month contract. If it goes well, you can sign a permanent employment contract with the employee.

5. Track Performance
Performance tracking effectively measures skills and traits among your team’s star players and the underperforming ones. By considering performance data and compilation you can understand whether your hiring is beneficial or not. If their performance quality is up to the mark then your hiring candidates is successful. After the economy stabilizes reassess your business strength and structure. Now you can utilize your time for performance tracking. If you think the employee is not fit for the company then you can rehire by closing talent gaps effectively and target the best players that your business needs.

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