If you are studying in college and attendance is compulsory option then the most suitable way for you to do part time job is to go for work from home jobs. Now let us look at the list below for online part time jobs for college students.

Online Consultant – Help other people by solving their problems and queries. Then you can take money for it.

Translating – If you are fond of languages and are fluent in English or any other languages as well then you can choose for the job of a translator.

Game Tester – Is it sounds astonishing that you are paid to play games? You have to explore all levels of the game while playing. Basically, you are paid to find out some bugs in the game.

Affiliate Marketing – This job doesn’t give much benefit as everything related to the product will be done by the company’s team. You are just earning a little extra because you promoted their product and people purchased through your link.

Event Planning – If you are good with networking, communication and skill development then this is a good way to earn good cash. This is because people in company are busy and don’t find time to plan and organize events.

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