Back Office, Office Admin, Office Assistant etc., are a very popular and trending category of jobs.

If you want to apply for these jobs, Basic Computer Knowledge is usually required. Some jobs need more skills like Good Typing Speed, Microsoft Office Knowledge, etc.

Below are the type of questions you will be asked in Interviews.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is the most common starting question in an interview. When the interviewer asks this question, they want to know about your attitude towards work and whether you are suitable for the job. Mention relevant details about your professional or educational background. Since this question can set you apart from the rest of the candidates, personalize the answer with some interesting personal details. Always speak fluently and in soft voice. Your words and speaking should be as clear as water.

2. What do you know about MS Office?

You must have to know about basic details of MS Office and some shortcut keys.

3. What do you understand about back office tasks?

This is where you can show your knowledge about the job. The interviewer wants to judge that you know what a back office job is about. The best way to answer this question is to include industry-relevant examples when you demonstrate your understanding of the back office duties. Say, if the job is within the banking or finance industry, talk about some common back office tasks in a bank. Also, add a reason that makes you think these tasks are important.

4. Elaborate on your experience in back office environments.

Through this question, the interviewer aims to observe your expertise in handling practical back office tasks. If you are a fresher, you are unlikely to face this question in the interview. If you have some experience, start with your latest work experience. Keep it brief and make sure to elaborate on the impact of your efforts.

5. What do you know about our company?

Answering this question requires some preparation. Before the interview, research the company from their website and social media pages. Look through the About Us and Careers sections of their website. Find out what the company does and how your role contributes to that function. Also, point out something you like about the company in your answer.

6. What kind of skills can you bring to this job?

Most back office jobs require an essential set of communicative and technical skills, as back office employees usually work with data and communicate information to front office staff. The specific skills you need depend on the job. An HR executive would require different skills than an accounting clerk. Frame your response to demonstrate that you possess the essential skills for the role.

7. Which computer software systems you are familiar with?

Back office software refers to the applications that deal with core functions, such as human resources, accounting and data management. The interviewer wants to check your computer literacy through this question. This is the opportunity to highlight your knowledge of administrative software systems. Mention every back office software you have experience in so far, that is relevant for the job.

8. What do you know about market research and data analysis?

These are the two most crucial responsibilities of any back office executive applying for a data operations role. Back office jobs, such as marketing operations and data analysis, are important as they help reduce costs by forecasting market trends. When you answer this question, be very specific about what you know, which software you use and why this role is important.

9. What is your salary expectation?

Find out how much the company usually pays for the role and research the average market value of the position. It is preferable if your answer is within the company’s budget. If you aim too low, you can risk getting lower than industry standards and if you quote too high, they might be hesitant to move forward with your application. It is advisable to quote a salary range instead of a fixed amount. If this is your first time working and you are unsure, you can enquire about their normal pay.

10. Do you have any questions regarding the job or anything that you want to say?

This is one of the most vital questions in an interview, as it gives you the opportunity to address subjects you are keen on. By asking essential questions about the job, you show not only your enthusiasm for the job but also display your understanding of the role. You can ask the interviewer about their own experience with the company and the work culture. You can also ask a follow-up question regarding any of the previous interview questions. Avoid asking any questions about salary, perks or joining date.

For Back Office, Office Admin, Office Assistant etc., jobs you should revise your Basic Computer Knowledge, Microsoft Word and Excel commands, check how to write emails etc.

Below is a useful list of MS Excel shortcuts commonly used in Back Office jobs:

Office Work Top Ms Excel Shortcuts:

Cut – Ctrl + X
Copy – Ctrl + C
Paste – Ctrl + P
Find – Ctrl + F
Find and Replace – Ctrl + H
Filter – Alt + D + F + F

Knowing about all the possible questions that can be asked by the interviewer, you can now apply for the job of back office for your future. Download Mi Work Application now from Play Store. Install it and get back office jobs in your nearest location.